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Tips of Lactation herbs for increasing breast milk supply :

We will provide one piece of sample storage bag  when you place any online order with Baby Paradise upon request.

- Galactagogues are those herbs that establish and promote the flow of the mother's milk.)

- The fenugreek herb is safe, but can sometimes cause colic, stomach upset and diarrhoea in baby. Fenugreek milk produced can sometimes smell and taste like maple syrup and can even make mom smell like maple syrup too.

- Blessed thistle herb

- The herb milk thistle should be taken in moderate amounts
Fennel should be taken in small quantities (fennel oil should be avoided)

- Raspberry leaf herbs increase milk supply and are very subtle

- Goat's rue are great herbs for lactation and are widely used around the world

- Brewer's yeast, Alfalfa, Nettle tea, hops flowers