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Customer Feedback - Medela FreeStyle
I was using Avent manual single pump previously and thought of buying an electrical double pump to save time and to save my hand from pain by pumping manually. That is when Su Li recommended the freestyle which I then found to be so convenient compared my single pump. Its hands free also enable me to work in the office during pumping and therefore I don't have to feel guilty of having taken time off for pumping. I can even surf the net and walk around at home with the hands free in place. Although it is the most expensive compared to other pumps in the market, it is worth the money as it is lightweight and small. The charging time only took 3 hours for the battery to be fully charged and this is convenient when you can't find electrical port. Recommended for working mothers who want to save time and also for those on the go. 
Wendy dated 25/2/2013
Paramjit Ramer testimonial dated 29/1/13
No one actually tells you that your life is going to change once your new baby arrives and what you should be prepared for, for the first few weeks of being a parent. Neither do they tell you that breast feeding is a full time job. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was more preparing myself for the birth and reading all about nutrients and how to keep healthy and fit during pregnancy. I always thought breast feeding would come naturally and I do not have to prepare myself mentally for it or even reading up about it. 

Oh boy! How wrong was I. 

The unexpected happened during my labor, my daughter was distressed and released meconium
 hence I was rushed to the OR for an emergency C Section which I was never mentally prepared for. 

Being a first time mom, recovering from the C Section, I was completely stressed. The first couple of days while I was still in the hospital, it was easy however when I got home is when everything went down hill. There was times I was in tears, I didnt know what to do as I was determine to breast feed. My baby seems to be always hungry and always wanted to feed. I really did not know what I was doing wrong. My supply was too low and I can not seem to pump as well. Merely got 1 table spoon from both breast after pumping. I was devastated, demotivated to continue breast feeding and felt like I was a failure for not being able to breast feed my daughter. 
Thats when the bottle came in. 
This is went I started googling, joining forums and such. However you there is only so much you can read online and I could not find a lactation consultant I could speak to locally and see if I am doing anything wrong. Then I found Baby Paradise, 6 weeks post partum. I thought alright why not. Let me give this lady Su Li a call and see what she says. I was skeptical. How can she help? 

My first appointment with Su Li totally changed my perceptive on breast feeding. The warm welcome and encouragement from her felt good. It's good to know that there are other women out there who have low supply and still manage to breast feed their babies which no one seems to talk about. She gave many words of encouragements and giving up was never in her vocabulary. From drinking more than 2 liters of water a day to drinking the nursing teas and drinking soy based drinks to promote a quality supply was all very helpful to me. One important thing she told me that helped much was I needed to relax and just let it flow. It was amazing just knowing someone believes in you and know you can do it. We even had weekly follow ups so that Su Li can monitor my progress. This was fantastic and she does this all in her private time without expecting anything in return from me. I was amazed that such people still exist in this cut-throat world. 

My supply increased and I was really glad I was able to breast feed my baby even if I had to still supplement with formula. I was still glad that I did contribute to her growth in one way or another. Recently I had my 2nd child and from what I have learned from Su Li and I was prepared for the unexpected, my breast feeding experience was much more pleasant and for this I would have to thank you Su Li. 

Best Regards: Paramjit Ramer 
Tanya my story dated 20/12/12
My BF journey is a very rocky one. From the day I deliver till I when through my confinement and the end of my 2mths maternity leave was horrible. From a specialist hospital which does not support BD to confinement untie who always say I don;t produce milk and even my own mother turn down my wish to BF. Even so I thank God for having a very supportive husband by my side and got through this difficult period. There were too many heads and mouths, hands and legs that's interfering me and my baby. I might sound cruel to think that I was lucky my baby got jaundise because that is the only period I get to spend time with my new born and to BF him. I begin to produce milk on the 3rd day when my baby and I were discharged; at that time, he's 7days old.
After when back home, the drama began again. The confinement lady wouldn't let me hold my baby much and the only time I had was at night. Even that is result from what I fought hard to keep him by my side for the nights as the CL wouldn't let. So I get to BF him during the night so my nipple would get some stimulation but my baby would lose patience and cried, then I will give him FM. No choice. The CL also wouldn't let me take plain water. I would drink whenever she isn;t noticing. With the lack of knowledge on supply and demand, I pump the first time 15ml, 2nd time 10ml then I wasn't pumping anymore and only concentrate on finding ways to increase my supply. It was a very exhausting confinement month.
When the CL is gone, the problem is still there. Now, with my mum. She would say it's a bad habit my boy would wan to nibble eventhou he already taken his milk. To me, it's an opportunity to increase my supply. I was glad my baby is throwing tantrum whole afternoon and evening eventhou he had only taken his FM. And the only way to stop that is let him DF. And I thank God for that. After a long google'ing, I told myself I need to get a good pump. The one I was using before was a borrowed one. At that time, I just came to understand and know a little bit more on BF. That is when I came across SuLi's page and started to book appointment with her. I cut short my stay at my hometown with my mum and I even quarrelled with my mum over that because she wouldn't want me to go thru these fuss with BFing. I explained to her over and over again and still went to meet up with Su Li as I only have about 2 weeks of maternity leave left before getting back to work. I want to at least do what I can with my left over leave to increase my supply.
My husband even took leave to accompany me there and I was greatly moved. Su Li gave tons of advice and the one I remember most was to put quality first than quantity. I went back home and start google'ing again and bought soy milk as recommended by Su Li. I went back to Su Li again to purchase pump and nursing tea. From during confinement month's drips of milk, I was getting 5 to 10ml per session after purchasing the pump and doing some regular pumping. I found in the internet that power pumping had helped a lot of mother with drop of supply to get back the volume and so I tried and my supply increased to 20ml. Then I remembered Su Li's advice and I went searching for supplement which help me tremendously.
With nourished body, I was able to handle the stress and night pumping and still energized to work the next day. On weekends, I did power pumping marathon and this Monday I was getting a stable 1oz per session. Now, I was able to supply 2 bottles of 2.5 to 3oz of milk to my baby's nursery. It is a huge achievement to me. I thank God. I thank my husband and I thank Su Li for all the support. Thank you Su Li for following up with me on my progress. I will continue to fight so my boy would wean fully from FM to exclusively BF.
Grace Khoo from Penang Loh Guan Lye Hospital dated 25/9/12
My first baby was born 4 years ago. Like the other mothers, I was very keen to breast feed my baby but things just don’t happen, my milk supply was very low and I only managed to breast feed for one week due to stress and lack of support.   
And now, I have just delivered my 2nd baby 2 months ago, I promise to myself that this time I must try my very best to breast feed baby as long as I can. So I started to look for a good breast pump after I have delivered my 2nd baby. I saw in the internet about the good reviews for Ameda breast pump and without further delay I went to a few shops to look for the pump until one of my colleague recommended me baby paradise and I found out that the Ameda pump was cheaper compare to other shops.
Hence, I went to see Su Li and bought the breast pump. However, I was facing difficulties in using the pump at home. Su Li offered to guide me on the technique of pumping breast milk.  She even volunteered to come to my house to teach me practically. I was very impressed with her dedication and professionalism.  After Su Li shared her knowledge with me, I realized that we need to trigger for 3 milk let down reflex to obtain more milk during each pumping session. My milk supply increased gradually after following her advices.
I was happy that this time I could successfully breast feed my baby and she is growing very well. I would like to thank Su Li from the bottom of my heart for her help. Last but not least, I would like to advice those mother to be or new mothers, please try your very best to breast feed your baby as breast milk is the best gift for our precious babies.