Techni Ice Sheet


Model: Ice Sheet
Shipping Weight: 0.2kg
Units in Stock: 30
Added on: Monday 06 July, 2009

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How to use :  

1. Cut Techni Ice sheet to the size that suits your cooler bags or  application.

2. Put Techni Ice inside water or warm water ( faster ).

3. Keep Techni Ice immersed totally. Hydrating the cells as water enters from both sides to activate polymer.

4. Scrunch sheets between hands while fully immersed in warm water until the air bubbles have escaped and cells have commenced hydration.

5. Place Your Techni Ice into freezer for 2-3 hours and it is ready to use.

6. Australia products and very popular for keeping breastmilk. 1 sheet can lasts for 12 hours.



Techni Ice proudly manufactured in Australia under quality Certification ISO 9001

FDA approved - Techni Ice is one of the few ice packs in the world to gain full FDA approval for safe use with food and perishables.