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Model: Electric Breast Pump
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Manufactured by: Ameda
Added on: Saturday 17 December, 2016

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Ameda Breast Pump Highlight

Ameda Breast Pumps were one of the first to offer closed-system technology in a personal-use breast pump. This is made possible through use of Ameda’s patented silicone diaphragm, which prevents breast milk from entering the tubing of the milk collection kit. By preventing milk from entering the tubing, this ensures that the motor in all Ameda breast pumps remains sterile, which is much safer for your child.

All Ameda breast pumps offer customizable suction strength and cycle speed settings. The infinitely adjustable cycle speed and suction strength of Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps offers an unlimited number of combinations, allowing you to find the pumping method that works best for you.

Customer feedback  :
Lilie K, "This pump is great! The different suction levels made it easy for me to get used to pumping. It literally only took me five minutes to set it up the first time, and now only takes a little more than a minute, which makes it much easier than I expected to use at work. The quick set up of pump provides me with sufficient time during my break to pump. The closed style of the pump makes clean-up only necessary for the breast cups, bottles and the little valves. I use a bottle brush to clean the cups but only hand wash valves because the brush will tear them".

Ameda Features

1. Noise Level : The Lactaline is quiet compared to other electric pumps made from BPA free components.

2. Settings : The suction & cycle (speed) can be adjusted separately to meet your requirements. At Baby Paradise, we teach you how to fully utilise the suction / cycle mode.

3. Diaphragm-Technology : The patented diaphragm design protects milk backflow into the tubing or pump. It also prevents outside contaminated air from being drawn into the collected milk. The system is approved by FDA.

4. Customfit Flange system / shields (28.5mm to 36.0mm ) made it more comfortable and effective pumping. Standard size for Ameda pump is 25.0mm.


Ameda Technical Spec :

Cycle range: 30-60 cycles/minute, adjustable
Vacuum range (suction capacity): 0-330mbar, adjustable
Meets highest hygiene standards
Option battery operated - 6AA Alkaline Batteries
Include of 1 power adaptor for Local Use.