Boba Wrap

Why Use a Boba Wrap? Babyboowrap……the best place after the womb

Weight Range The Boba Baby Wrap is ideal for newborns up to 35lbs. There really is no minimum weight requirement for the wrap as long as you follow all proper baby wearing safety precautions for newborn.

Simple No-guess Tying Tying the Boba Wrap is different than other wraps. Because of the 5% spandex, you do not need to leave any extra room for your baby when you are putting it on. It should be snug against your body, but not constricting. The fabric will form around your child nicely once they are in the wrap.

Hands Free With the Boba Wrap, your child is secure and safe inside that wrap that it allows you to have both hands free. You can continue to go about your daily life with your newborn right there with you.

Custom Fit The seat where your baby will sit in the wrap tailors to your baby’s growing body.  The wrap can always adjust to extend all the way to back to the back of your baby’s knee (link upright paper leg support) give your baby a bigger seat and complete leg, back and hip support.The wrap will also adjust perfectly to your body’s.

Breastfeeding You can easily nurse in the Boba Wrap and thanks to the fabric, you do not have to untie the wrap or loosen it to nurse your baby. Simply widen the shoulder piece and lower the baby to a comfortable nursing position and latch on!

Durable and Strong Our fabric selection is unique. We use a high quality knit, woven with a touch of spandex for durability, clinging support, and shape retention.  Unlike other wraps, our fabric does not sag with use. You can wear the wrap all day long – taking your little one in and out – and the fabric will maintain its shape.

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